Comprehensive and Resourceful Organic Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Various studies have time and again pointed out to the fact that majority of the Internet users count on popular search engines like Google and Yahoo to extract information or make online purchases of their interest. And they won’t bother to go beyond 20 listings while seeking information they need. So, a custom-designed organic search engine optimization strategy will always help your site gets the maximum hit every time users submit their search request to the search engines.

Our organic search engine optimization strategy is pretty comprehensive and covers every aspect of search engine optimization so that your site enjoys continuous flow of highly targeted traffic, greater visibility and most significantly top positions in key search engine listings. Let’s give you a brief idea about the tactical part of our organic search engine optimization process.

Keyword Short-listing

This is the fundamental and the vital step of the entire search engine optimization process. Our SEO experts will research, select and finally shortlist the keyword phrases that best describe your business or any other initiatives you wish to promote through your site. However, the process doesn’t involve only picking phrases that are associated to the theme of your site – there is a bigger perspective attached to the mechanism of short listing the keyword phrases. Our SEO professionals keep their fingers on the pulse of Internet users. They zero in on those phrases that are widely searched and can generate favorable response among your target audience.

On Page Optimization

Once the keyword phrases are finalized, our organic search engine optimization experts will turn their attention to your site. Our team of experts will optimize your site for superior search engine rankings through logical and strategic insertion of those phrases into your site. Apart from on page optimization, we take care of other key elements such as robots txt files, url rewrite, title tags, meta description tags, internal links, alt tags, keyword density, anchor text in hyperlinks, site design, internal link structure etc. This sole objective behind our detailed approach is to make sure your site stays at the peak of search engine listings longer than its competitors.

En-Route Search Engine

Then comes the time to submit your site to the search engines. Once we are done with the process of redesigning your site, we verify whether your site features in the leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. If your site is already included in those search engine index, the search engine crawlers will identify the changes on their very next visit and place your site at the top of their listings. If your site is still not a part of their index, our SEO experts will attach your URL to those sites that are regularly crawled and search engines will eventually include your site in their index.


The monitoring is the key as it gives you sustained visibility in all major search engine listings. Our highly experienced organic search engine optimization experts always keep a close watch on all the variables that guarantee better visibility in search engine listings. We will keep you posted about your site’s performance through monthly ranking reports. We also carry out constant keyword evaluation to help your site keep pace with the changing behavioral patterns of Internet users.

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