Pro-PPC Plus - Recipe for Higher Pay Per Click Returns

Our pay per click (PPC) management strategy is proven, time-tested and highly targeted. But that doesn’t mean the system is stubborn and rigid and suits any particular set of requirements. On the contrary, Pro-PPC Plus comes with ample room for innovation, invention and improvisation.

Pro-PPC Plus is flexible to the core and absolutely convertible. Our experts modify the pay per click process whenever required with an aim to design a distinctive PPC campaign tailor-made to fulfill client’s needs. This way you can derive 200% benefit out of this exposure-enhancement exercise on the web.

Our advanced pay per click management mechanism broadly follows a specific procedure and the method involves following steps -

Need and Competition Analysis:

In the beginning, we analyze your aspirations and expectations. The analysis gives us fair amount of idea on the products or services you wish to promote on the web. Then we try to identify your key rivals, conceptualize the unique proposition that makes you different from others and finally give your potential clients reasons to buy from you.

Pay Per Click Keyword Research:

Once the groundwork is done, we carry out extensive research keyword and phrases related to your business, capable of offering you fabulous search engine exposure, therefore providing you with tremendous return on your investment. Our pay per click experts use latest technologies to find out keywords that can attract maximum targeted visitors to your website.

Account Setup:

We then finalize the setup of pay per click account in various ad groups. We select the ad groups keeping in mind the relevancy-factor and similarity-quotient of the keywords.

Pay Per Click Ad Formation:

Our panel of experienced pay per click ad writers ideates, brainstorms, innovates and stretches their imagination beyond limits to develop a perfect PPC ad copy for you with proper call to action. To brighten up your business prospect, we develop multiple pay per click ads facilitate healthier conversion and click through rates.

Landing Page Optimization:

Our PPC advertising specialists assess the quality of the landing pages on your website to ascertain whether the pages can complement your pay per click ad campaign. If needed, they optimize the pages to make them conducive for generating more and more sales for you.

PPC Engine Selection:

Our pay per click experts with vast industry-experience will help you select the right PPC vehicle that will offer you excellent exposure and mind-boggling returns. According to our team of experts, Google Adwords is a great PPC engine to start with.

Campaign Supervision:

Once your pay per click ad campaign gets featured in top PPC rankings, we kick-start the tracking and monitoring phase. We keep a close watch on the performance of the ads and keywords and optimize or eliminate them accordingly.

PPC Reporting:

You can always check out for yourself how your pay per click campaign is performing thanks to our continuing reporting. We also offer you detailed website analytics to help you figure out what your visitors are doing on your website.

This is how our prolific Pro-PPC Plus is changing the entire pay per click dynamics with flexibility and originality. Get in touch with us now to know more about our pay per click service.

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